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Sebelum Iblis Menjemput: Ayat Dua (2020)

Two years after escaping from demonic terror, a young woman is still haunted by unnatural vision. The dangers that await her and her friends are increasingly threatening.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: WEB-DL


IMDb: 6.2

Keywords:, , , , , , , ,


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Muhamad Shamel

at 1:47 pm

Bole dah min. Thank you dgr permasalahan sy.. Hehe😁
Better guna link yg biasa tu utk movie2 yg akn dtg.
Tkut org lain pin ada problem yg sma dgn adf.ly tu.

Muhamad Shamel

at 11:47 am

Bole da min.. Thank you so much dgr permasalahan sy.. hehe
Better guna link yg biasa tu utk movie2 yg akn dtg.
tkot org lain pon ada problem yg sma dgn adf.ly tu

Muhamad Shamel

at 8:28 pm

Xbole la. Kna block dgn antivirus, so page tu xkluar..
Klu sblum2 ni ok je download klu xkluar adf.ly tu.
xpa la, xda rezeki.. huhu


at 5:51 pm

steady min. cuma subtitle je takda.

Muhamad Shamel

at 5:07 pm

lpas tkn button download tu, dia akn kluar link adf.ly.
Lpas tggu smpai 5 then nk skip ad tu, kluar site tah apa2 je.
textbin tu xda..

    Mastar Ji

    at 5:25 pm

    Lepas Skip Add Tu…nnt Dia Sruh Allow Noti..Tekan Block Je,Jgn Allow…
    Nanti Dia Akan Load Page 5x (tengok Dekat Link Dia Kluar ww1a-ww2a)Dan Strusnya,
    Lpas Habis Dia Load Bru Kluar TextBin Tu..

Muhamad Shamel

at 4:40 pm

xbole nk download la min.. xmau kluar link